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Eat More to Lose Weight

Ever wonder why you can’t stop picking at food in the evening? You eat so well all day, and then as soon as you get home it all goes down the drain? You’ve had a big dinner, your full, but for some reason you’re not satisfied? Hmm.. what else can I have? Shit, did I really just eat seven chocolate biscuits? Well, fear not, the solution to evening munching is quite simple. EAT MORE FOOD early in the day. Naturally, we have more energy and far more will-power in the first half of the day then in the evenings. What most people do, when trying to lose weight, is use this willpower to eat as little calories as possible. Admit it, you're proud when you see it’s already 4pm and all you have had is

Find your Fibre Balance!

(Disclaimer: this article contains discussion regarding poops & farts) So, before we talk poop, what is fibre, you ask? Fibre is a complex carbohydrate (type of sugar). Unlike other carbohydrates, which are broken down by the body to provide fuel in the form of glucose, fibre cannot be digested by the human body. Fibre is present in lots of unprocessed carbohydrate foods, and comes in two different forms – soluble and insoluble. Both help our body in different ways, so it is important to get a combination of both! Soluble Fibre – found in oats, barley, nuts, dried beans, flax, veg (such as tomatoes and carrots) and fruit (such as bananas and apples) – helps reduce cholesterol levels and hel