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Has my search for a healthy body, given me an unhealthy mind?

Take a second to think back to when you first decided to take the plunge into the world of fitness. Everyone around you was hitting the gym and ditching the takeaways, so you decided that you too were ready get your ass into gear! So you head into Penny’s and buy yourself some fab neon gym gear, and off you go! Back then, you had set out with the intention of becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself! And somehow today, you find yourself eating more s**t in the evenings and weekends than you did before you started. Your quest for health has led you into this never ending cycle of eating ‘super healthy’ all week, and binging out all weekend. Your quest for physical health - has le

How Positive Thinking Changed My Life

Today, I can easily say that I have never been happier, and I have never felt more positive about every SINGLE part of my life (even the bad parts). Anxiety no longer controls me. I no longer worry about irrelevant things, or worry too much about what people think of me - and it is all thanks to one simple thing - positive thinking. But this isn't about me - this is about YOU. Ask yourself, are you really and truly happy? Or does something hold you back? If, when you read the first paragraph, you thought to yourself, ‘That's well for ya’ Katy, but that's just not realistic, that's not how my life is, or ever will be’ ‘there's too much negative stuff in my life to be that positive’ or ‘oh tha