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Nutrition 101 - Fat Loss

In 2018, the depth at which one can source information on a given topic on the internet is never-ending. You can pretty much read material on any subject you are interested in with the simple click of a button / touch of a screen. This however can be a gift and a curse as you have to know where to look to find credible sources of information. As passionate as I am about researching all things Health and Fitness related, it is understandable how the general public can become frustrated & confused by the constant stream of conflicting information available to them, especially when it comes to dieting and nutrition. I feel a lot of the information out there is overly complicated for the sake of

Why Is Sleep So Important?

One of the most underutilized methods of recovery and regeneration is adequate sleep. In this blog post I will discuss some of the key reasons a good night's sleep is critical for optimal physical condition and mental performance! The key driver behind our sleeping pattern is an internally controlled pattern called a ‘Circadian Rhythm’. The Circadian Rhythm is a 24 hour cycle that regulates our internal systems, highly influenced by external factors [1] - primarily daylight exposure - to allow our body to adapt as best as possible to the world around us. In relation to sleep all the external stimuli that surround us at almost any time of the day with the artificial lights in our homes and on


Over 95% of our clients in the gym are fat loss clients. We all know that we need to exercise to get results but a lot of us struggle to get the combination of training & food right to reach our goal. The number one mistake I see as a nutrition coach is that people put too much focus on taking foods OUT of their diet (cutting out sweets/carbs/processed food/sugar/‘bold foods’ you name it - we try it all!!), and put very little thought into what foods they need to include or INCREASE in their diet. One of the easiest ways to stick to a ‘diet’ (and perhaps the only thing you should focus on at the beginning) is make sure you are getting enough protein each day. Why? Having enough protein: Keep