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We've partnered up with Trainerize, an industry leading fitness software platform, to develop our online personal training app. The app allows our personal trainers and clients to easily connect and communicate on all their training, nutrition and overall health requirements.

From tracking stats and workout progress to messaging and communicating with your personal trainer and fellow Nikafit Online members, the Nikafit Online Personal Training App has everything you need to make your fitness journey engaging, successful and enjoyable.

Online Personal Trainer App
Weight Loss Trainer App


The dashboard is the home of the Nikafit Online Personal Training app. This is where you will see all your latest stats and goal progress, your scheduled daily workouts and any integrated data from your connected apps and devices.

From your dashboard you can easily access your scheduled workouts, chat to your trainer for updates and program changes and connect with other Nikafit Online members to build your social and community connections.


The workout area shows you the exercises your personal trainer has programmed for you for that day. It will list each exercise in the workout, show a technique training video, and specify the required amount of sets/reps/time for each exercise. 

Your set workouts will be programed by your online personal trainer, but you can also log your own workouts, runs, walks, sports, fitness activities, etc. 

The Workout area allows you to track all your fitness activities so that you can ensure you are consistently progressing towards your fitness goals.

Fitness Trainer App
Fitness Trainer On Mobile
Fitness Coaching Online
Personal Trainer On Mobile
Online Personal Trainer App
Online Fitness Coach App


The Calendar view allows you to easily see your upcoming scheduled workouts and any tasks that have been set by you and your personal trainer. 

At the push of the + button, you can easily add in additional exercises and activity, upload new progress photos and input new body stats to show your progress over time. 


Keeping track of your stats and progress is a really good way to record all the hard work and effort you are putting in and will help keep you motivated towards achieving your goals. 

Our Nikafit Online Personal Training app integrates with other fitness apps, like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, so that you don't have to log your meals and steps in multiple different apps. If you don't use other apps, well that's just fine too, as the Nikafit app allows you to log your meals and exercises directly also.

Online Weight Loss Trainer
Online Weight Loss Coach
Online Weight Loss App
Personal Training Online
Online Accountability Coach App


The social aspect of training with others and getting to know other members and trainers is something we find extremely beneficial and rewarding for our in person/gym members, so we wanted to try replicate this for our online personal training clients also. 

Through the Nikafit Online app, all our members can chat with each other in group chats, and also privately with their assigned personal trainer. This sense of community and comradery is the fuel that fires all our Nikafit Family members. 

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