Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?

Will it make the boat go faster?

You might ask what do boats have to do with your health and fitness goals?

The Australian Mens Eight Rowing team that won the Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 put every decision they made in the 18 months preceding the games down to one critical question...

‘Will it make the boat go faster?’

...with the simple premise that if the answer was ‘yes’ they went ahead with their choice, and if the answer was ‘no’ they revised their choice to get their metaphorical boat closer to the finish line. There is a widely recommended book by the same title and written by Harriet Beveridge available on this topic.

You can use this type of psychological ‘hack’ to break your more complex choices into something a little bit simpler.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - US President Roosevelt

I recently listened to a podcast by Irish blogger Brian Keane and he referenced the above quote by President Roosevelt that “comparison is the thief of joy” and it still holds much relevance today.

A recent #StatusOfMind report highlighted the negative impact social media (particularly Instagram) can have on mental health.

This is due to a “compare and despair” attitude as people pit themselves against one another for likes based on body image, social activity, wealth and ability (among other variables). They found that the longer time somebody spent on social media during the day and the higher number of social media channels they subscribed was shown to have a direct and noticeable impact on common mental health and happiness markers.

"I’ll be happy when…."