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March 6, 2018



Over 95% of our clients in the gym are fat loss clients.


We all know that we need to exercise to get results but a lot of us struggle to get the combination of training & food right to reach our goal.


The number one mistake I see as a nutrition coach is that people put too much focus on taking foods OUT of their diet (cutting out sweets/carbs/processed food/sugar/‘bold foods’ you name it - we try it all!!), and put very little thought into what foods they need to include or INCREASE in their diet.


One of the easiest ways to stick to a ‘diet’ (and perhaps the only thing you should focus on at the beginning) is make sure you are getting enough protein each day.




Having enough protein:

  • Keeps you satisfied and saves calories. Because Protein is slow to digest we stay fuller for longer and are less likely to go back for seconds (which means you will eat less food throughout the day and therefore consume less overall calories)

  • Prevents cravings. Pairing protein with our carbohydrates helps to slow down the absorption of sugar from your stomach into your bloodstream which can prevent blood