Following on from our last nutrition post ( ), we all should know that good nutrition needs to be the foundation of our health and fitness goals if we want to achieve the long-term results we desire.

I know you guys want to know about what to eat and how to structure meals, but for now, we need to address why your approach has been flawed to this point & how you can get out of the "DIET CYCLE" by learning to play the game.

So, let's kick things off with some "Diet" facts;

  • On average we gain 1 pound every year from the age of 25 on

  • The average person attempts 3 Major diets per year

  • The average person typically "cheats" on their diet by day 6 (the weekend, something we will address in a later post)

  • The average diets last a total of 5 weeks !!!!

So before we even go into specifics about what and when to eat, we need to be aware of why most diets FAIL.

Then we need to get to grips and understand some physiological, psychological and emotional behaviours associated with dieting and food.

Picture 1 - Diet Cycle

The picture accurately depicts the struggle most associated with dieting.

We get motivated; we hit the gym, we munch on salads every day, cut out "CARBS" sweets chocolate, drink and all the foods that we enjoy, do mountains of work in the gym week to week & things are "FEELING" good.......but the number on the scale never seems to reflect your perceived efforts in the gym!