Nutrition Tuition

Today's post is on the concept of "Eating Healthy" or "eating clean."

It's something I hear all the time;

"Whats your diet like?"

Response;"Oh it's excellent, I eat really healthy........ I have "X" for breakfast "Y" for lunch........etc. I don't know where I'm going wrong, I've been really GOOD" 😞

The need to “eat healthy”is arguably the most common fallacy when it comes to nutrition!

It's an unattainable, unsustainable concept that causes people to fall off the wagon time and time again.

Although we naturally encourage people to make better choices daily andeat more nutrient-dense food vs consume processed foods, nobody should feel the need to cut out specific food groups to achieve the results they desire, especially not the ones they enjoy!

The reality is that you don't actually "HAVE" to eat clean at all and this is because CLEAN FOOD is not the KEY mechanism that promotes fat loss.

A great example of this is the youtube video titled

"Results of 100 days of ice cream."

Go and watch it if you like but I will save you time by listing key take home points:

Starting weight was 198 lbs

Finish weight: 166 lbs

That's a net loss of 32lbs or an average of 2.2lbs a week !!!

His starting calories were 3000 of which it consisted of 2500 calories from ice cream and a further 500 calories from various protein