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Mind Your Mind

During times of stress it becomes even more important to mind both our mental and physical health.

We are heading into unchartered waters as a community with the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and it may feel pretty scary.

The majority of people’s lives (mine included) will be affected in some way by Covid-19.

We all react differently to stress and for most of us this pandemic will cause worry at the very least.

For some us however it may cause overwhelming emotions, anxiety and really affect our ability to live our day to day lives.

So what can we do to help ourselves?

Firstly let’s try our best to only process the real fact’s.

That means using trustworthy and reliable sources for our own news updates.

We’ve probably all heard rumours at this stage and they might be unnecessarily adding to the negativity.

If we are feeling overwhelmed or distressed, I suggest limiting the amount of time spent mindlessly scrolling on social media and looking for news updates (or cutting it out completely).

There are lots of things going on outside of our control right now so let's focus on "controlling the controllables"

It is more important now than ever to try to keep your healthy routines and let’s be honest we all thrive on a bit of structure.

Regular exercise helps us feel both physically and mentally stronger.

Planning exercise sessions at regular times into your week makes them a priority and will result in greater levels of adherence and consistency.

I’ve heard quite a few comments about ‘going into holiday mode’! Believe me, I’ve felt a bit of it myself too.

So remember It’s important to eat a healthy and balanced diet and keep to a good sleep routine.

Don’t go (too) mad on the alcohol but perhaps if you are having a glass of wine, you could attempt the wine TGU?!?

In all seriousness though, alcohol can be a great tool for postponing anxiety temporarily and then multiplying it afterwards so keeping it to a minimum is in everybody's best interest.

Focus on being productive.

Take some time to read a book, do some gardening, spring clean the house if you haven't done it already or even have a kitchen disco with friends over skype! Get dressed people!

All of these things will bring up your ‘NEAT’ up!!

Connect with people, support each other and along with this encourage each other to keep up our healthy habits.

If you have a great fitness community like we do at Nikafit – keep those connections and avail of the tools and resources that your coaches are creating for you.

We need to acknowledge our feelings, be kind to ourselves and take some time to breathe.

Find a quiet route (where you can still adhere to social distancing) and get out into the fresh air and keep those bodies moving.

Give meditation a go and please remember that prioritising your physical health will benefit your mental health.

Let’s all come out the other side of this strong, fit and healthy.

To learn more about the Nikafit community check out our website –

Lots of love

The Nikafit Team

At Nikafit Studios we are dedicated to an excellent standard of small group personal training. At Nikafit we deliver our results based personal training programs, in a friendly but focused small group training setting, allowing our clients to receive elite level personal training at a fraction of the cost of a 1-on-1 personal training session. Nikafit’s semi-private personal training is focussed on the needs of our clients and the small group personal training coach to member ratio’s at Nikafit Studios allow the best service possible. At Nikafit we are changing lives through fitness.

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