Personal Training has been proven through research to be the most effective way of achieving your fitness goals. However, not everyone is living close to a good gym with access to quality personal trainers. 

We have been fortunate enough to connect with fitness enthusiasts around the world via social media and ultimately wanted to provide a service to those who could not join our gym, that would still allow us to help them on their fitness journey! This is why we developed our online personal training system.


Online personal training provides you with the same cutting edge service as in-person coaching, combined with the accountability and motivation needed to get you the best results possible, for a fraction of the price!!


PLUS - you have the option to do your workout from home or in your local gym, while using our app to log your workouts and keep in constant contact with us every step of the way.


Depending on which package you choose, you can decide exactly how much accountability you need to keep you motivated!


This membership includes:

• Tailored Personal Training Programme (home or gym)

• Nutrition Coaching

• Check in Every Week via Zoom / Phone - or in Nikafit Studios if living locally

• Programme review each month & weekly adjustments to current programme

• Measurements/weigh in every week

• 24/7 Email Support

• Video Analysis


With this package you will use our personal training app to log all your workouts. This will allow us to see what you are doing every day in the gym. You will be sent reminders to workout, and we will be notified when you complete each workout. (You can also connect your ‘My Fitness Pal’ account so that we can track food if you wish) The app will provide videos of how to do every exercise on your programme. It will also allow us to communicate with one another 24/7.

Nika Pro is our premium online package offering you increased accountability and support. With Nika Pro we are only ever a click of a button away to give you that extra coaching you need.


We are here for you 24/7 via online support and have weekly calls to talk about your training program, energy levels, monitor progress, give you some feedback and make adjustments to your programme when necessary. We can do this via Zoom, phone or meet in person if living locally.