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Niamh Fortune

"I have been PTing Katy for nearly 9 months now and the difference she has made to me is unreal, both physically and mentally.  


I went to Katy wanting to loose a little weight but mostly tone up and lose body fat.  Katy tailored a fantastic programme for me which we changed up every 6 weeks to keep it interesting!  Over our first 6 months together I lost 5% Body Fat - 26 Inches Overall and 1 Dress Size!!!


We also looked at my food habits and this is where Katy really helped me - I had such a bad relationship with food and she has helped me come leaps and bounds to overcome this - no more food guilts!!!  


Katy is there as a constant support for you throughout your whole time with her and if you are looking for a good pep talk to rally you through a bad day, then this is the girl for you!!  


I would recommend her 110% - There is no stopping her so jump on and enjoy the ride!!!!"

Emma Hett

"I started training with Katy from Nikafit in May 2015. I had been to the gym before, on and off, but was a treadmill kind of girl. I didn't really know anything about the other equipment or how to use and the thought of lifting weights never crossed my mind (or how beneficial it would be).


Since May, I have been Personal Training with Katy first twice and then three times and a week. Katy's introduced me to weight lifting, to HIIT and also a totally different approach to going to the gym. She's changed my attitude to working out and it's now something I enjoy and look forward to. Katy has worked with me to devise both regular training plans for me to follow and a nutritional plan which I've found really useful. These are tailored to my needs and likes so I stick to them. It's not just an off the shelf product. 

Katy has motivated me, encouraged me and pushed me. She's the whole package.


Not only has Katy changed my idea about what I should be doing in the gym but she's constantly encouraged me to lift heavier (something every girl would shy away from) and given me more confidence then I've had in a long time. She's been a rock and invaluable source of advice, guidance, tips and support. I cannot recommend PT-ing with Katy more!"

Ciara Brassington

"I did personal Training with Katy from Nikafit for 6 weeks and the results were unbelievable. 

She was approachable, flexible, motivational and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and she guided me through exercises, healthy eating and alternatives. 

After just 6 weeks I lost 8cm's off my waist and hips and saw results all over my body.

I would highly recommend Katy to anyone looking for guidance and knowledge about how to get fit!!

Aiste Vekrick

When I have started with Katy and Niall, I was small, very weak and lacking in confidence. I was very scared of the gym, even though I have been a member for the last 2 years. There was no way I would venture to the guy's area or take part in classes. As months passed, I gained muscle and improved my strength more than I could ever hoped to. I shaved off 9 minutes from my 10k personal best and got my PB for 5 k that I was chasing for the last 4 years. But the most important change was in my confidence and in my mind. I have no problems venturing to the lads area or starting to train on my own. I have started Krav Maga classes that I wanted to do for the last couple of years. Thanks guys for all your help and always being available for any questions or little breakdowns. 

Eavan Hayes

Katy and the Nikafit family go the extra mile with their PT clients. She's been such a support in getting my back on track, but physically and mentally, with so much positivity and words of encouragement just when I need it. I never thought I'd say these words but I actually look forward to my PT sessions with Katy!

Rachel O'Byrne

I've been training with Nikafit for nearly four months and I've seen better results and changes in my body in the last four months than I have ever got when training by myself in the gym or with other personal trainers or fitness programmes. They make me push myself during my sessions which I wouldn't do training alone. I started with Katy after a sun holiday where I decided I just wasn't happy with my body and wanted to loose weight and tone up, not just over all but mainly my lower body and within four months I can honestly say I have noticed a massive different in my shape. I wouldn't think twice now about wearing a bikini on a sun holiday. I put my trust in Katy when i was very conscious of my figure in a bad way but it was without a doubt the best decision I have made for my body, eating habits, mindset and energy levels.  

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