Real Fat Loss

So you have started dieting (eating less and moving more) in order to lose weight and the scale is starting to go down, brilliant work.

Now what happens when the scale stops going down, and even goes back up?

Do you get disheartened, slightly pissed off, and lose motivation to keep going?

Well you’re not alone.

This happens to nearly everyone along their fat loss journey.

The difference between those who succeed and fail can just be knowing the following information:

-> Fat loss is not linear, your weight will fluctuate up and down, but if the deficit is there it will continue to trend down over time. Keep going.

-> There are a whole host of things that cause weight gain/loss that are nothing to do with fat:

  • Water retention from eating carbs, from eating salty foods, from weight training.

  • Whether you have gone to the bathroom yet or if you've recently eaten.

  • Also for females, where abouts in your menstrual cycle you are can impact your weight.

  • Did you know for every gram of carb you eat you store 3g of water? Just think about that.

-> Try not relate the scale to how much fat you have, view it rather as how light/heavy you are that day due to the fat, muscle, water, food, poop etc that's in your body THAT day.

When tracking your weight it is important to track daily, so that each week you can calculate the weekly averages. The changes in your week to week average will tell you a lot more than changes in your day-to-day weight.

Because weight fluctuates up and down it is NO use weighing once a week as you cannot control whether the day you step on the scale will be a 'high day' or 'low day' and will not reflect your true weekly weight - unlike the weekly AVERAGE.

Seeing a plateau or rise on the scale doesn’t not mean fat loss has stoppe