Introducing Nikafit Studios

Our company opened its doors on December 1st, 2016. Directors Niall Mullen and Katy Tanham established Nikafit Studios with a clear purpose. This purpose was to specialise in the provision of world class personal training in small groups of 2-4 people per coach.

Our system was designed to match the needs of the dynamic marketplace that is the fitness industry. Through years of experience it has become increasingly evident that the traditional 1-on-1 personal training model had limited potential as an effective strategy to get long term results. The higher costs associated with 1-on-1 coaching proved a massive barrier to entry for a high percentage of the population. This resulted in the majority of fitness enthusiasts viewing 1-on-1 personal training as a short term solution after which they could continue their training by themselves which for the most part simply didn’t work.

Although people were aware that personal training was indeed the best way to get results, the 1-on-1 setting simply wasn’t sustainable for most. Instead they either opted for the lower budget “bootcamp” or impersonal commercial gym type package (sometimes both). While we recognise as a company that there is indeed a place for such training options, the detailed structure, accountability, progressive programming and expert coaching that our small group personal training system provides produces superior training results and was built around the needs of the client.

People all over the world are unhappy with their appearance. Year after year they try to change their lifestyle only to fail time and time again because they don’t have access to the support and coaching they need. The client needs high quality personal training without the extremely high price tag. This left a void in the marketplace and Small Group Personal Training is a system purposely built to fill that void.


Who we are?

Nikafit (pronounced knee-ka-fit ) Studios, Wicklow’s newest personal training gym are a