+1Fitness: An Introduction To My Own Pregnancy

Through my job I get to work with SO many beautiful women on a daily basis and as childbearing is such a magical & natural part of a woman's life I am blessed to have had the opportunity to personal train & teach yoga to ladies trying to get pregnant, ladies on the run up to IVF treatments, ladies that are pregnant and ladies looking to get back into fitness after having their babies. I am also qualified in Pre & Post Natal Exercise, BioSignature Modulation, Precision Nutrition and Yoga Teaching.

Now that I have shared my own baby news with Social Media I am so excited to start posting about not only about my own experiences with pregnancy but about all things pregnancy in general!

Over the next few weeks/months I will use this blog (+1Fitness) to post about training, nutrition, and general topics related to pregnancy (pre, during & post pregnancy) that you guys want to talk about such as; hormonal imbalances, foods to help boost fertility, what exercises are safe to do during pregnancy, weight management throughout pregnancy, how to ease back into fitness after birth and so on..!

*DISCLAIMER - Everyone experiences pregnancy differently and each pregnancy is different to the last, so not everything I blog about will apply to your situation, and I can only share my personal experience and/or research I have studied.

This blog is designed to HELP women that are seeking help when it comes to staying fit pre/during/post pregnancy!

It is NOT designed to make anyone feel guilty about not wanting to keep fit during pregnancy and I have absolutely no judgment toward anyone who decides to do things differently - Once mummy's focus is on what makes her happy - then baby will be happy - and thats what matters most.